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EYE Opening!

At Eye on Solutions, New Mexico’s biggest challenges become opportunities for innovation, collaboration and problem-solving. 


Join us in implementing the 100% New Mexico initiative to ensure 10 vital services for surviving and thriving.

Home – EYE on Solutions

Designing Tomorrow

At the EYE, we work toward a future where human ingenuity and courage can solve any challenge.


In the EYE, you can be a hero just for one day — or a lifetime. Amid a time of profound change, you have entered a first-of-its-kind environment for problem-solving. The EYE is an innovation center designed to invite all residents to explore, imagine, and solve the most pressing challenges facing families and communities. Pandemics, economic disruptions, social adversity and family trauma represent problems we have the capacity to solve.

Touring our exhibits, galleries and labs is a process of discovery, created to ignite the change agent in all of us. For every problem in this unique part of the world, there are hundreds of solutions to initiate. The EYE empowers all New Mexicans, providing the tools to invent a future where 100% can thrive.

Inside The EYE

4 min.

Here’s what you will find below and throughout the EYE.

Ten Centers

Here is your entrance to our 10 Centers, each one focused on one of the ten services for surviving and thriving. Here you discover  innovations to increase access to services.

How & Who

Here you are provided with the many moving parts of the EYE, from admission and hours, to curators, partners and sponsors.

The Lab

This space provides an overview of how we turn problems into solutions, implementing our more than 200+ projects to create counties where everyone can access vital services.


Here you find the books that guide the EYE and the 100% New Mexico initiative. It’s a place to connect with your local lawmakers, neighbors and action team members.

Be part of a creative process

The EYE is an experimental environment, where the content is presented through a narrative that combines the foundation of science, the innovations provided by technology and with the celebration of collaboration, culture, and art. Each space provides exhibitions and project design spaces to give visitors the tools required to ensure the vital services shown to nurture safe and successful families and create robust local communities. 

The EYE is a homebase for problem-solvers who see opportunities when confronted with difficulties, pessimists and nay-sayers.

Crisis creates opportunity.




Our 10 centers under one roof feature solutions to local challenges coming from across the state, nation, and globe. In the EYE, visitors become partners in problem-solving, explore their areas of interest, discover local innovations, choose local projects to remove barriers to vital services. Each of our ten centers provides a universe of words, images and ideas to spark community dialogue and serve as a catalyst for problem-solving.

Turning research into real-world solutions

The EYE is an applied sciences center which explores the opportunities and challenges that state and local governments, along with community change agents, face from the perspective of sustainability, self-sufficiency and social justice.

Our ten centers focus on the ten vital services for surviving and thriving, components of every healthy community.

10 Centers: Hundreds of Solutions

Opportunity creates heroes.

Medical and Dental Care

Medical and Dental Care

The Center for Medical and Dental Care@100%

Medical and Dental Care @100% means all our families have access to timely health care. Together we can make health disparities history.

Behavioral Health Care

Behavioral Health Care

The Center for Behavioral Health Care@100%

Behavioral Health Care@100% means all our families have timely access to the care that prevents trauma and treats emotional health challenges.



The Center for Food@100%

Food@100% means all our families are fed and food insecurity is history. The Center helps you achieve this goal in your county.



The Center for Housing@100%

Housing@100% means all our families have stable and safe housing, making housing insecurity history.



The Center for Transportation@100%

Transportation@100% means all our families have access to transportation to access vital services, education, work and recreation.

Parent Supports

Parent Supports

The Center for Parent Supports@100%

Parent Supports@100% means all our parents have access to the full range of programs that strengthen family health, safety and resilience.

Early Childhood Learning

Early Childhood Learning

The Center for Early Childhood Learning@100%

Early Childhood Learning@100% means all our families can access the early childhood learning programs that empower children and prepare them for school.

Community Schools

Community Schools

The Center for Community Schools@100%

Community Schools@100% means all our families can access fully-resourced schools with the staffing to strengthen student success and family engagement in learning.

Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring

The Center for Youth Mentoring@100%

Youth Mentoring@100% means all our families can access the mentor programs shown to increase student achievement, health, safety and resilience.

Job Training

Job Training

The Center for Job Training@100%

Job Training@100% means all our families can access the educational programs that prepare people for jobs that align with the job market.


The mission of the EYE is to provide to each New Mexican the insights and resources to ensure that 100% of families and community members have access to the ten vital services for surviving and thriving. The EYE supports the participants engaged with the 100% New Mexico initiative, a county-based project guided by local stakeholders following a data-driven and collaborative process.

Explore Your Passion

“100% can thrive” is far more than an EYE slogan. The EYE’s curators are committed to the families in each of New Mexico’s 33 counties representing hundreds of communities with diverse cultures, histories and approaches to problem-solving. We are here to make new history as we strengthen counties where everyone can access the services to thrive. Ask us about becoming a sponsor or partner of our groundbreaking work.

Heroes create solutions.

The time is now

We have the power to make huge strides in designing systems of care to weather any crisis.